Detox and Cleanse

Detoxing and cleansing programs are one of the greatest of the naturalistic arts, at Cleanse we like to refer to Detox as “Reset” . Our Reset programs are designed balance and rejuvenate your body using its own natural processes to create balance, energy and clarity.

How do I book an Appointment

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How much do your detoxes cost?

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A Detox that cleanses the soul.

This intense 6 day cleanse is designed to cleanse the digestive system of impacted and old waste, the programs requires 6 days of a juice fasting, combined with colon hydrotherapy treatments. The programs is a deep cleanse of all the body’s elimination channels (colon, liver, kidneys, lungs and skin) and will leave you feeling refreshed and full of energy.

During this time, the body is revitalized and the fasting exerts a normalizing effect on the body. Although we are taught that fasting is not safe or natural, nature tells us otherwise, both animals and children fast naturally when they are ill and after a day or two on the programs one slips naturally into the programs and it get easier and easier with each passing day.

Starting this detox.

We start the program with a medical questionnaire, making sure that it is safe for you to undertake the program after which the supplements and juicing programs are explained in detail.
You will begin your fast on a Sunday and end on a Saturday morning undergoing 5 colonic treatments from the Monday to Friday. Treatments can be done any time of day – however we find that morning treatments assist by making it easier to fast. Food is slowly introduced over a three day period at the end of the fast.

We encourage our clients to go ahead and work as normal during the fast and most cope easily with their daily tasks.