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Set for Dealing with irritable bowel syndrome

4 Crucial Steps to dealing with IBS

Posted by cleancol on  June 12, 2020

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My clients always want to know how it is that I became a colon therapist and the story started with my own nasty case of IBS. It was the severe pain and discomfort of my spastic colon that took me to colon therapy and kept me there. It would take me another 3 years before I managed to get my IBS under control and I haven’t had an attack ever again. Now after years of

Willpower and Health Goals

Posted by cleancol on  February 15, 2020

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In 20 years of being a colon therapist and nutritionist, there has always been one aspect of what I do that I wished I could change. It is the very thing that has held me back from also achieving the perfect picture of health and I never understood it until recently. You see we can all muster the will to try and make a change but it doesn’t seem to last. Perhaps this is the

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